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20TH ANNIVERSARY 1997 ~ 2017 LIVE 2CD  

This album celebrates 20 years of playing their fusion of psychedelic space rock and proto-punk, with flourishes of folk, americana, prog, dub, ambient and alt- rock at gigs and festivals around the UK. The album is a collection from those early days when the band emerged from playing at various West London singer/songwriter nights such as The Acoustic Revolution, The Troubadour and The 12 Bar Club up to last year’s Kozfest and Blind Cat festivals. 

The CD also comes with a band family tree pull out poster that details the changes in the band over the years. The CD and poster artwork have been designed by Paul ‘Woodbine’ Woodwright, who has also incorporated the artwork from the late great album cover artist, Mark Reiser. 

£10  CD + poster



Paradise 9's live performance at The Amersham Arms SheepDog Bash2 30/11/2014.

Recorded and mixed by Roy Weard and mastered by Cliff Dowding at Sound-on-q Studios. Fab review by Jerry Kranitz at Aural Innovations

with artwork by Mark Reiser.




12 track full album recorded at Liscombe Park Recording Studios.Released in 2013 and featuring 7 of the EP tracks including guests Judge Trev, Jeanette Murphy, Steve Teers and Nik Turner playing flute and sax on the title track and including 12 page booklet with artwork by Mark Reiser.





Live DVD of PARADISE 9's performance at the 2013

Filmed and produced by the wonderful Qwoonsweird Prouction.

Audio post production by Sound-on-Q.


to be re-set up!


Debut 9 track CD album recorded at Quo Vadis Recording Studios, London.

Features 'Into The Ether's', 'Glow' and 'Falling For You'.

Artwork by Jeanette Murphy & Steve Rispin.



image of EP sleeve


2009 4 Track EP CD recorded at Lifesigns Studios. Artwork by Mark Reiser.


EP 2


4 Track EP CD recorded at Lifesigns Studios. Dedicated to Judge Trev Thoms RIP who sadly passed away Dec 2010. The Judge played on the title track and Distant Dreams and were his last studio recordings. Artwork by Mark Reiser.





Paradise 9 logo t-shirt




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Science Fiction Reality reviews

Guy Shankland - Vive Le Rock

"Challenging, deft and understated space rock for 2021 and generations beyond."


Jack Gold-Molina - It's Psychedelic Baby


"Science Fiction Reality is a bittersweet, beautifully written and skillfully performed album. Tremendous space rock with an intelligent and optimistic zen-punk message, it takes the listener on a deeply psychedelic exploration of what is happening within our world and to the earth."


33 Revolutionaries - Vive Le Rock

"This evokes the best of Hawkwind, the Cardiacs and the Clash into one seamless blur of sound and vision"

Jerry Kranitz - Aural Innovations

       "I’ve been following Paradise 9 for over a dozen years and after several listens can say that Science Fiction Reality has their strongest songs and tightest band performances yet."

Ian Abrahams - No Star Unturned

"If Paradise 9 had been around back in the day, then surely their space-punk vibe would have made them great stablemates for the likes of Inner City Unit, Underground Zero, and yes, Hawkwind themselves, on the 1980s Flicknife roster. Fast forward to 2021, and how fantastic to see them join the resurgent Flicknife now!"

Mark Cartwright - The Punk Site

"Paradise 9 are a band that have sat there on the outer rim of my radar, they were formed back in 1997 and have played so many festivals that I have no idea why I’ve not caught them, but this happens. With a sound that encompasses so many genres, it slides across space and time too, decades of sounds that have culminated in this eight track meandering oddness.....Of its time music, with a conscience..."


Jonathan Downes - Gonzo magazine


"Well, people who have followed this most remarkable band over the years will not be at all surprised to learn that it is a cracker. However, emotionally at least it comes over to me as a reaction to the extraordinary times we are living, and I think the fact that this album is punkier and less psychedelic than some of its predecessors is probably telling."


Iain Khan - Spacezine

"This album is an outstanding example how nice music can be, even with some critical lyrics and with a lot of genres merged into one...."

Take Me To The Future reviews

Jerry Kranitz - Aural Innovations

"... I like the combination of punky edged Rock ‘n’ Roll, trippy soloing flute and Psych guitar leads.... File under absolutely fucking AWESOME!

... Killer set. What a great live band..."


Steve Judd -Terroscopic Reviews

“This album is truly an incredible blend of sounds that gradually change throughout the listening experience. The tracks work together, flowing from one to the other to take the listener on a meandering journey…”


Gary W Hill - Music Street Journal

         "This is quite an interesting album. It’s space rock, but there is a lot of punk rock edge to it. I can make out a lot of Hawkwind in this, but it’s not a Hawk-clone by any means. It should be mentioned that former Hawk-man Nik Turner appears on this disc. This is really a unique take on space rock and I like it a lot..."


Kevin Roland - Prog Archives

"...It is of no surprise, given the artwork and the title, that this is psychedelic space rock. But, to my ears it is more than 'just' that. There is a real punk element to this, combined with reggae and loads of different styles all coming into space rock to make something that belongs in the Seventies but is also timeless...."


Ian Abraham - Space Rock Reviews/Record Collector

"...What makes this record special, though, is the lightness of touch that moves it effortlessly between psychedelia, punk, reggae, dub and just all those musical genres that represent facets of the counter-culture as a joined-up whole..."


Jonathan Downes – GONZO magazine

..Spacy, explorative, invocatory and experimental. This is a bloody super album of magickal sounds. Whooshing noises and psychedelic clarinet. Even a guest appearance by Nik Turner...

Pat Albertson - Aural Innovations

...Take Me To The Future serves as a great introduction to a hard working and straight up band who deserve to be heard...


Psyko Trooppinen - Psychotropiczone

..Paradise 9 are equally able to write punky, energetic and rocking songs with social or political messages (“Digital Signs”, “Nothing for Tomorrow”, “State of the Nation”, “Is This the Time”) and beautiful, melodic space ballads (like the amazing “Crystalized Moments”..

Showtime reviews

Abi Rhodes - ZigZagWonderings

Paradise9 exhibit an altogether spacier sort of sound, tempered with a jagged edge probably borrowed from the early years of the Punk era. I've previously described them as Hawkwind meets The Clash - with a weird hybrid of Robert Calvert and Joe Strummer up front.