Jerry Kranitz - Aural Innovations Sci Fi Reality review 04.03.2021


Paradise 9 – Science Fiction Reality (2021)


I like the title of Paradise 9’s new album, Science Fiction Reality, for the simple reason that science fiction is so frequently prescient of reality. We’ve got 7 songs and one instrumental that make for an outstanding set.


The album kicks off space-punk rocking with ‘These Are The Days’, a heavy driving song with a foreboding message of environmental decay. And the point is driven home with a punked out jam at the end that supports a Greta Thunberg narrative sample. I love the combination of guitar melodies and punky vocals on the title track. Despite the melodic beauty, the music is the soundtrack to a lyrical message about technology that should be crystal clear to us all. I’ll declare ‘Science Fiction Reality’ to be the space-punk-pop hit single of the set. ‘Shine On’ has a tasty acoustic guitar and alien effects intro that builds up to a dreamily rocking pulse. I like the guitars and effects interplay and solid rhythm section anchor throughout the song, as well as the upbeat lyrics that shine on and on and on…. Nice!


‘Inner Spark’ is a spirited rocker with a self-empowering message. ‘Deconstruct Divide And Rule’ rocks hard and lashes out at so-called ‘leaders’ with a classic punk sneer. ‘Matter Of Antimatter’ is a swinging space-pop rocker with Robert Calvert era Hawkwind styled lyrics. ‘This Is Your Inheritance’ takes another shot at what we’ve done to the planet… This is your dystopia kiddies. And we’ve got great punky rocking jamming and guitar soloing throughout. Finally, ‘Safe Haven’ is a magic carpet ride in space instrumental that closes the set. It’s got a jaunty beat, mesmerizing clarinet leads, and luscious gliss guitar. Beautiful.


I’ve been following Paradise 9 for over a dozen years and after several listens can say that Science Fiction Reality has their strongest songs and tightest band performances yet. The tunes are catchy in a way that I felt I already knew several of them on the first listen. We’ve got space rock, punk attitude and solid rocking songs throughout. Recommended.


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