name Gregg McKella
Vocals/Guitar/Glissando guitar/Clarinet/Synth FX's

Gregg plays clarinet, guitar, space FX, and also writes and sings. He founded Paradise 9 in 1997, following playing a series of singer/songwriter nights in London, with original bassist Andy MacDonald.

Originally from Aylesbury Gregg’s early bands was The Presence, who played gigs with Marillion and Ozric Tentacles in the early 1980's.

Gregg relocated to London in 1987, and teamed up with singer/songwriter Jeanette Murphy to form Image Wot Image. They played extensively around London and the South-east, and also a collection of festivals.

Following Image Wot Image, in 1997, Gregg went on to form Paradise 9, as well as sister band Dreamfield with songwriter/producer Poppy Gonzalez (Mojave 3/ Sing Sing / Hush Collector) the following year. Dreamfield, released two CD singles, their first “Take Me With You”, was made Single Of The Month on the then GLR Saturday Breakfast Show, and their follow-up single “Christopher’s Dream” also received extensive radio airplay. Dreamfield went on to perform and record in America and Estonia.

In 2005 Gregg relocated to Brighton, where he met Judge Trev Thoms (ICU). Trev went on to record some parts with Gregg’s band Paradise 9 before his untimely death from pancreatic cancer in 2010. Gregg now helps to keep the songs of Judge Trev alive with Kev Ellis, as Kev and Gregg. Nik Turner, who has also guested with Paradise 9, often joins Kev and Gregg and with others they form the Judge Trev band.

Gregg has worked with many bands and musicians, including Monty Oxymoron of the Damned in improve bands and in the band The Fibroid Nebulae. Gregg regularly plays as part of the Daevid Allen Glissando Orchestra, a collective of guitar glissers performing the 7 drones, a guitar string bowing technique and musical concept conceived by Daevid Allen and Steve Hillage of the band Gong.

Gregg currently keeps busy with Paradise 9, but lately has taken another look at his songs from his London busking days. These songs have a more mellow folky feel and Gregg has spent the last year playing, re-arranging and recording these songs. Musicians who have contributed to the album so far have been Nick Pynn,  Jeanette Murphy, and Tyrone Thomas and these are the songs Gregg is taking out as a solo set.

Gregg has also guested with many bands including Nik Turner’s Inner City Unit, Space Ritual and Outriders Of The Apocalypse. His synth effects feature on two tracks of Steffe Sharpstring’s SenTieNT album “Live at The Real Music Club Brighton 2012”. His clarinet features on The Higher Craft’s 2012 EP “Moonbeams & Marble”. He has guested with the late Mick Farren & The Portobello Allstars, Green Ritual, Aurora, The UnGong Band, Jeanette Murphy Band, The Plastic Sturgeons with Steve Swindells, Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd), Adam Bushell (Faithless), Dale Davis (Amy Winehouse), and Cardinal Biggles. Also the Peyote Guru Band, The People’s Free Republic of Pandemonia (PFRP), Dubbal, and Ron Tree Inc (MOAB).

In 2018, he featured on Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock’s “This Alien Heat”, playing guitar and glissando guitar on “To Steal a Space Traveller” that also featured Blue Oyster Cult's Joe and Albert Bouchard on lead vocal, ex-Hawkwind Adrian Shaw and Hawklords’ Harvey Bainbridge, The Groundhogs’ Ken Pustelnik and Don Falcone.

As well as keeping busy with Paradise 9, Gregg currently plays with Daevid Allen’s Glissando Guitar Orchestra, (a collective of guitar glissers performing the 7 drones, a guitar string bowing technique and musical concept conceived by the late Gong’s Daevid Allen and Steve Hillage).