Nik Turner

Nik Turner (Space Ritual/Inner City Unit/ Project 9/Outrider of the Apocalypse) has frequently guested with Paradise 9 now, and guests sax and flute on the title track of the 2013 TAKE ME TO THE FUTURE album. He has generously supported the band over the years with his musical contributions at gigs and Paradise 9 were pleased have him guest at the album launch party at Black Velvet. Nik was co- founder of the seminal space rock outfit, Hawkwind before going onto forming Inner City Unit with Judge Trev.

Photo courtesy: Richard D McMellon

  Photo of Judge Trev

Judge Trev RIP

Paradise 9 were honoured to have Judge Trev play guest lead guitar at some of their shows. He also recorded on 2 songs that will be released shortly. He was the founding member with Nik Turner in Inner City Unit, releasing several albums in the early 80’s. After ICU, he went on to form The Atomgods, and then with ex-Hawkwind bass & vocalist Ron Tree, with MOAB.In 2006, he reformed Inner City Unit with Nik Turner.

He also ran the Real Festival Music website, that was a festival site promoting the festival vibe, and was a founding member of the Real Music Club, that helped promote local bands and artists in and around the Brighton area.

He sadly passed away in December 2010 and will be sadly missed, especially at the festivals, where he performed with Inner City Unit and also with Trev & Kev (Ellis) with their space country' comedy duo.



Steve Carvey RIP

Steve Carvey guested with Paradise 9 playing Daburka drum at Kozfest Festival 2014. He has previously played drums with and guested with numerous bands in the festival scene.

Steve was a talented drummer, percussionist and music teacher and played in a variety of bands – including Urban Disturbance, The Tokens with Mark Robson and Pagan Fringe – before doing a stint with British-Australian outfit Kangaroo Moon. He also played with House Of Thandoy and Ophiuchus.
Over his four decades in the music industry, Steve shared the stage with legendary rockers Daevid Allen from Gong and XTC’s Barry Andrews.

He was going to guest with the band again at Kozfest 2015, but sadly passed away shortly before the festival. He is greatly missed in his hometown of Swindon and throughout festival circuit.



Miss Angel Flame

The lovely Miss Angel Flame has also graced the stage with Paradise 9, appearing with them at many festivals and gigs including Alchemy and Jackdaw festivals, the TAKE ME TO THE FUTURE album launch and the Judge Trev's memorial gigs in Brighton. She dances with The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, and has also graced the stages with Space Ritual and Here and Now.


Glyn Collins

Glyn Collins has been playing flute for many years, and hasguested with many bands, including Alternative T.V. He also guested on early Paradise 9 gigs in the bands formative years. He also guested with the band on flute at the Amersham Arms SheepDog Records bash, adding some fine psychedelic contours to the live album.

  Photo of Nik

Nik Nimbus (ex-Here & Now/ex-Mandragora/ Crawlspace)

Nik Nimbus has stepped in on drums at few gigs in 2011 including Judge Trev's Memorial gig at the Barn in Portsmouth 08/01/2011.

  photo of jeanette murphy

Jeanette Murphy

Jeanette Murphy is a talented singer/songwriter from London, and has guested on both Paradise 9's albums SHOWTIME and TAKE ME TO THE FUTURE doing backing vocals and percussion. She previously played in Image Wot Image with Gregg and Tyrone. She has released a few albums, and currently working on new material with her new band.



Ron Tree

Ron Tree (Hawklords/ex Hawkwind/MOAB) stepped up doing an impromptu piece at Sonic Rock Solstice in 2009.


Kev Ellis (Dubbal/Gregg & Kev/ex-Dr Brown)

Kev Ellis is the singer, harmonica and space fx's in Dubbal (formerly Bubbledubble). He was the singer and harmonic player in Dr Brown, and more recently Mr Mountain. He also performed with Judge Trev, as 'Trev & Kev. He now teams up with Gregg as Kev & Gregg (or Gregg & Kev!) playing the songs of Judge Trev as a tribute.


Chris Cambridge (Peyote Guru)

Chris Cambridge joined in on synthy space bubbles at Kozfest 2015


Lord Richard Armstrong (Aurora)

From Margate's 3 piece electro-psychedelic outfit Aurora, Rich has joined in out various gigs & festivals over the last couple years adding theremin & space fx's to the Paradise 9 mix.


Micro Cosmic

Mic Cosmic guested on synth fx's and backing vocals at Green Gathering and Jackdaw festivals.

Mic has been involved in many projects over the years, including Green Ritual, Sacred Geometry, The UnGong Band, Ron Tree Inc, to name a few, travelling to and fro from Australia to Europe.



Keith Sutton (Whimwise)

Keith plays keyboards for Whimwise and currently gigging on keys with Sounditions (the Orb's original bassplayer's band). He is also in SpaceBaby and plays guitar in Undersound. He also guested with Paradise 9 at Judge Trev's Memorial gig at the Barn in Portsmouth.


Steve Teers (Human Cabbages)

Steve was performing with the band up until 2010. Always an energetic member at the live performances, and played djembe on the 'Showtime' album and djembe, backing vocals and keyboards on the''Take Me To The Future' album. Currently playing with the reformed Midlands band Human Cabbages.

  photo of poppy gonzalez

Poppy Gonzalez

Performed on the 'Showtime' album, playing keyboards, backing vocals & shaker on 'All Said & Done'. Poppy has guested on a few live performances with the band. She formed the band Dreamfield with Gregg in 1999, which received critical acclaim on their 2 CD's released in 2000. The debut single 'Take Me With You' reached No 1 in the Independent charts for 6 weeks, and was single of the month on the then GLR Saturday morning Breakfast show.